Are there other RV Caravan Tour companies?

Yes, there are many RV Caravan Tour companies. Adventure Caravans is the largest RV Caravan company in the United States. However, Adventure Caravan tours are designed for retired couples to slowly enjoy a location over 15-30 days at a time. While Family RV Caravan tours are built for families with children, and maximize busy schedules over a 1 week timeframe. Our tours are built for families, by families who travel with children. We understand the travel challenges faced by parents because we face the same challenges. We have also visited all the travel locations many times with our children, so we know what things to must-see or skip.

Are you really the ONLY RV Tour company focused on families with children?

Yes, we are very proud of this. If you don’t believe us, please check it out for yourself. All other RV Tour companies are designed for Retired Adults with no children. Look at their images and their tour agenda. If you are a working family with children, it’s not possible nor fun to take a 30+day tour with 100 retired people. Instead, we provide 7 day tours, jam packed with the most adventure, fun, and some education, so your whole family can enjoy themselves.

  • Small tour sizes (Typically between 3 and 8 families on each tour)
  • Everyone has kids.
  • Maximize your vacation time with our adventure packed tours.
  • Daily adventures that are actually exciting (nobody wants a bored kid!)
  • Tour Guides who understand the needs of families. (Have an infant who needs a nap? or an Adolescent who needs to check on a game each night? or children who NEVER STOP EATING? or a child that hates hiking? We understand! All our tour guides have the same challenges, and probably have a good idea to help out.)

Do I need to own an RV to take a guided RV tour?

No, of course not. If you already own an RV, then use it. But if you do not yet own an RV there are many ways to use an RV on our tours without owning one. The most typical is to rent an RV, from a rental business like Cruise America. Other options are to rent a RV on Outdoorsy or RVshare or other RV rental websites. Our tours start on Sunday and end on Saturday, so we recommend a weekly RV rental.

How much do we travel each day?

We try to limit the amount of driving on each RV Caravan Tour. There is so many great places to see, so we want to maximize the time sightseeing rather than driving. However, some travel is necessary to travel between these beautiful sights. A typical day will have a 1 hour drive in the morning, followed by an enjoyable day. We try to limit the combined driving time to less than 10 hours on the entire trip and limit the daily driving to less than 2 hours.

My child is only 3 years old, is that too young?

No, of course not! We have the best family-friendly tours, for all ages. Children, of all ages, will have the time of their life. Our host families have children with ages between ages 2 to 18, so we know the uniqueness’s of every age. We provide unique recommendations for each family depending on your needs and desires.

What if I don’t know how to use the sewer hose?

Don’t fret. Our guide families are RV pros. We can teach you, help you, or just do it for you. Our guide families love to help, and just want you to have a fun, stress-free, adventure. Tell us your comfort level and we will take care of the rest.

What is a “Day in the life” during an RV Caravan tour?

Image visiting one of the most beautiful canyons in the world. Then imagine waking up in that same beautiful place on a sunny spring morning. After rising, gather around the campfire to discuss the day’s activities. Enjoy a delicious breakfast with the caravan group, which turns into a discussion about specific destination advice and recommendations. As a caravan we will then travel to a new location in our RVs. Your guide family helps you setup your RV in the new campground, to connect you to the electricity, water and waste utilities for your convenience. Take lunch on your own as you spend the rest of the day exploring beautiful places! The daily tour destination could be a state park, a national park, a beach or some other unique location specially picked out for your family to enjoy. On most evenings, we’ll have some light group activities which might include dinner, a campfire and maybe some games! Fall asleep in your private RV to the sounds of your kids laughing, while you dream about the next day’s adventures.

What is a Caravan?

A Caravan is either a group of people traveling together or a camper which provides a place to sleep. In our case, it’s BOTH! Our guided RV tours are both caravans of people traveling together while also driving their caravans for daily rest.

What is a Family RV Caravan?

A RV Caravan is a tour guided by RV experts. You travel as a group to beautiful locations and have fun adventures. Each day will have a little RVing, some good food, and lots of adventures. Our caravan tours are designed for families with children, and led by families with children. We know the fun and the challenges of family adventure, since we live it every day!

What is a RV?

It is a house that moves! or according to Wikipedia: A recreational vehicle, often abbreviated as RV, is a motor vehicle or trailer which includes living quarters designed for accommodation. Types of RVs include motorhomes, campervans, caravans, fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers, and truck campers.

What’s included in my tour price?

A guided RV caravan tour includes more than just tour guides. Here is some of the things included in each tour price:

  • 7 Days of Guided RV Tours
  • 6 Nights RV Campground Accommodations
  • Experienced RV Tour Guides (each with years of Family RV experience)
  • Assistance learning how to RV. We help you with the little details: Either Education, Assistance, or simply “please do it for us!”
  • Entrance Fees and Admissions for Parks, Shows, Events, and Activities
  • 12 Meals Provided (Breakfasts and Dinners)
  • Family Fun (We can’t give away the secret sauce, but your whole family will have fun!)
  • Camaraderie of traveling with other families on an incredible adventure.

What’s not included in my tour price?

A guided RV caravan tour does not include some items necessary to have a great time. Here is what is not included in the Tour price:

  • RV/Camper (Bring your own if you have one already or Rent an RV)
  • Transportation from campground to attractions(Most of our campground stops are within walking distance to daily attractions, but some are not. You may drive your RV to the attraction if it’s small enough (Most Class C RVs are small enough), otherwise bring your personal vehicle, rent a car, or take an UBER if available.)
  • Lunches and snacks are on your own. Breakfasts and Dinners are provided in your tour price, but lunches and snacks throughout the day are on your own. This allows flexibility as you adventure for the day. We will inform you of the best options in advance, so everyone has a fun time.
    (Nobody likes a “Hangry” kid!)
  • Fuel costs, as you drive between the attractions. This is typically between $75 and $150, depending upon your RV.
Where do we give tours?

All the Family Tour Guides have traveled North America fulltime in RVs for many years. While there are many beautiful places, there are only a few that are worthy of a week long tour. All the Tour families have agreed on their favorite places since they visit regularly with their families each year. Each of our tour destinations also has an optimal time of the year to visit. We picked the best locations at the best time of year, and offer you to join us for a fun adventure. Our tours focus on the following areas during the appropriate timeframe:

  • Utah in the Spring
  • Upper Michigan in the Summer
  • Gulf Coast in the Winter
  • Northern Arizona and Utah in the Fall

Who are our tour guides?

Each tour is led by several guide families. These families have each been traveling in RVs for many years with their children. Their typical week is spent traveling to National Parks, hiking with their children, finding the best Instagram locations in each city, and enjoying the travel life. They are experts on each of our tour locations and love to share with others.