Are you really the ONLY RV Tour company focused on families with children?

Yes, we are very proud of this. If you don’t believe us, please check it out for yourself. All other RV Tour companies are designed for Retired Adults with no children. Look at their images and their tour agenda. If you are a working family with children, it’s not possible nor fun to take a 30+day tour with 100 retired people. Instead, we provide 7 day tours, jam packed with the most adventure, fun, and some education, so your whole family can enjoy themselves.

  • Small tour sizes (Typically between 3 and 8 families on each tour)
  • Everyone has kids.
  • Maximize your vacation time with our adventure packed tours.
  • Daily adventures that are actually exciting (nobody wants a bored kid!)
  • Tour Guides who understand the needs of families. (Have an infant who needs a nap? or an Adolescent who needs to check on a game each night? or children who NEVER STOP EATING? or a child that hates hiking? We understand! All our tour guides have the same challenges, and probably have a good idea to help out.)