What’s not included in my tour price?

A guided RV caravan tour does not include some items necessary to have a great time. Here is what is not included in the Tour price:

  • RV/Camper (Bring your own if you have one already or Rent an RV)
  • Transportation from campground to attractions(Most of our campground stops are within walking distance to daily attractions, but some are not. You may drive your RV to the attraction if it’s small enough (Most Class C RVs are small enough), otherwise bring your personal vehicle, rent a car, or take an UBER if available.)
  • Lunches and snacks are on your own. Breakfasts and Dinners are provided in your tour price, but lunches and snacks throughout the day are on your own. This allows flexibility as you adventure for the day. We will inform you of the best options in advance, so everyone has a fun time.
    (Nobody likes a “Hangry” kid!)
  • Fuel costs, as you drive between the attractions. This is typically between $75 and $150, depending upon your RV.