Guided RV Tours for families?

Would you rather: Stand in line or be an explorer?

Why wait in line at Disney or get locked in a cabin on a Cruise ship, when you can safely explore America with your family in a guided RV Caravan? 

See beautiful sights while making memories that last a lifetime!

"This is a game changer.."

“This is a game changer for the RV industry. We are the first and only RV tour company dedicated to families with children.” says Tara Pike, Marketing Director for Family RV Caravans.

Beauty, Fun, and Relaxation (with your family!)

You can expect a fully guided experience led by RV experts, as we caravan through the most beautiful spots in America. Spend your days immersed in beautiful locations and relax in the evenings with other families, as we explore National Parks, beaches, and scenic beauty.  The caravans stay at campgrounds and RV resorts each night, take a short drive each day filled with tours of beautiful places.  Each evening is filled with delicious foods, relaxed activities and, undoubtedly, campfires!

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Start your explorations now.  Spots available for their tours of Utah National Parks, Michigan State Parks, and Gulf Coast Beach tours.   Each tour is offered in the season most fitting to it’s beauty. 

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