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Our Goal

Family Focused Fun

Family RV Caravans was created to help families enjoy all the fun of RVing, without all the frustration of researching and planning a route, booking RV parks and determining what is the most important things are to see.  We have developed our tours with the whole family in mind and provide you with everything you need to so you can spend your time making memories together.


Covid Friendly

Our tours are designed with our customers safety as our number one priority.  One of the great things about touring in an RV is that you can stay safe and still meet up with and have fun with other families.  We follow strict social distancing protocols and do require masks at certain events.  Since you are driving and staying in your own vehicle, it’s easy to stay safe!

Our Guides


Our expert guides not only know your tour route and locations, they’ve experienced them all before.  That experience will ensure you know the best routes to take, the best places to see, the best places to stay and the best places to eat!  Our guides know all the secrets and will ensure that you do to.

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