Travel Leader


Jill is the Travel Director at Family RV Caravans.  She is responsible for finding the best travel locations and designing the best family friendly caravan tours.  Jill is an experienced RVer, having traveled in an RV with her family for over 7 years.  Jill has traveled to every state in the US(contiguous), as well as, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico.  

Jill has tried just about every type of RV:  Travel trailers, Fifth wheels, Class C’s, and Class A’s.  She is currently traveling the country in a bus conversion.  

Jill has many favorite travel places, but only in-season.  Her favorite winter destination is a sandy Florida beach.  Other favorites include the red rocks in Utah and Arizona in the spring, and beautiful Great Lakes in the Summer.   



Sunny Beaches90%
Red Rocks75%
Great Lakes95%

Contact Info

Phone : (231)-445-5587
Email : Jill@FamilyRVcaravans.com