What is a RV Caravan?

Fun for the whole family

RV Caravan Tours

While our tours can vary slightly, here’s what you can expect… You will wake up in a beautiful location, after getting around we gather around the campfire to discuss the day’s activities.  After enjoying a delicious breakfast, we break into groups to discuss specific destination advice and recommendations.  As a caravan we will travel to a new location in our RVs, were the guide families can help you setup your RV in the new campground.  Most campgrounds provide electricity, water and waste utilities for your convenience. The rest of the day is spent exploring beautiful places! The daily tour destination could be a state park, a national park, a beach or some other unique location specially picked out for your family to enjoy.  On most evenings, we’ll have some group activities that might include dinner, a camp fire and maybe some games!  Fall asleep in your private RV to the sounds of your kids laughing around a campfire.  


Reasons for touring in an RV Caravan?

It’s a great way to see new destination and meet new friends, without all the hassle!  Our tour guides know the best routes, the best spots and the best ways to make sure you and your family have an unforgettable trip you will be talking about for years to come.  How else can you travel safely with your family in a moving house, and see beautiful locations with other families.  You will learn some, laugh some, and love the time spent exploring America in an RV Caravan. 

Want to Caravan with us?

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RV travel is one of the best ways to connect as a family! Starting with getting your RV (either buying or renting) and the excitement of packing it up and getting ready for your trip.To actually getting on the road and getting to your first campsite where you get everything set up and then snuggle around the fires as you talk about all the fun adventures you will be doing! RVing takes everyone out of their normal day-to-day life and puts them out in nature where the whole family can be more present and really focus on each other and the joys of travel.There is nothing quite like waking up and walking out your front door to the beauty of nature and the excitement of what the day holds on your RV adventures. Your kids will talk about your RV trip for years to come and will consistently ask when you can take the RV out again!

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