Top 9 Memberships and Passes You’ll Need as an RV Family

RV family

Planning on hitting the road in an RV as a family? That’s awesome! RVing with kids is an absolute blast. Not only that, it’s also a fantastic learning experience, as well as a great way to bond as a family. 

All that said, it’s best to start your RV journey as prepared as possible. Doing your research and heading in with the knowledge and tools you need for a successful trip will help save you time, frustration, and even money. 

Not sure where to begin your RV research? Well, this very article is a great starting point. Below we’ve put together a list of our favorite RVing tools. In our opinion, these RV family memberships, passes, and websites are things every RVing family should have in their toolbelt, so to speak.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is one of the most excellent RV family memberships for any RVer to have. Becoming a member of this awesome organization allows you to stay at an enormous collection of farms, orchards, and vineyards all over the country. Some locations even allow guests to take part in daily tasks if they wish, making these stays an experience in and of themselves. 

Other than the annual cost of the membership itself, there is no fee for members to stay at any of the Harvest Hosts locations. Instead, all that is expected is that you make a purchase from the onsite store. 

All Trails

One of the best ways to experience all the beauty this country has to offer is by hiking in each place you visit. Fortunately, there are tons of amazing hiking trails scattered across the US. 

Of course, you have to find those trails in order to hike them. This is where All Trails comes into play. This amazing website provides reviews, photos, difficulty levels, and more for hundreds of trails all across the country, making it easy to find the perfect hike no matter where you land. 

“America the Beautiful” Pass

Another excellent way to see the prettiest parts of the US? Visiting national parks, of course! From the gorgeous biking paths of Acadia National Park in Maine to the incredible trees of Sequoia National Park in California, the national parks are full of spectacular sights and activities. 

The only problem is that entry fees can get pretty pricey when you’re visiting several parks in a year. Luckily, the “America the Beautiful” national parks pass can help with this by giving you access to all the parks for one low yearly fee, making it one of the most wonderful RV family memberships.

ASTC Membership

Hiking trails and national parks are fantastic, but sometimes an indoor adventure is what is called for. In these cases, a museum visit might be just the thing. There are hundreds of amazing museums geared toward kids all over the country, and some of the best options are the numerous hands-on science centers. 

Not sure you can afford the steep admission prices at multiple science centers? No worries! The ASTC reciprocal program allows members of any participating museum to visit all of the museums on the reciprocity list free of charge. 

Fulltime Families 

Many people don’t choose the RV life with the specific intention of finding community. However, that is often exactly what happens anyway. RVers are a friendly bunch, always happy to meet a new person, and since everything is more fun with friends, it just makes sense to find new buddies as you travel. Fulltime Families can help with this. 

Fulltime Families is a community of RVing families and a no-brained in terms of RV family memberships. This community provides support and socialization through Facebook groups, hangouts, rallies, holiday get-togethers, and more. Despite the name, families aren’t required to be full-time RVers to join. 


As “the world’s number one road trip planning tool,” Roadtrippers is a no-brainer for RVers, especially those who plan trips often, plan long trips, or are easily overwhelmed by the planning process.

This awesome app allows you to quickly and easily find restaurants, attractions, and places to stay along your route. It gives you all the tools you need to plan and execute a great trip without any of the stress, and even makes changing your plans a cinch. 


By now, most people are well aware of Pinterest and what it is. That said, many would never even think to use this website as a way to enhance their RV lifestyle. We’re here to tell you that it’s perfect for doing just that. 

As a visual idea search engine, Pinterest has the ability to inspire all kinds of new RV-related ideas. Create a board with remodel ideas and another with meal ideas for your next big trip. Of course, boards for each of your dream vacations should also be created and referenced while you plan those trips in the future. 


Here’s how Wikipedia defines overlanding:

“Overlanding is self-reliant travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically, but not exclusively, it is accomplished with mechanized off-road capable transport, where the principal form of lodging is camping, often lasting for extended lengths of time (months to years), and spanning international borders.”

In many cases, RVers fit the definition of overlanders quite well. This means that iOverlander might just be a perfect tool for you. 

An app developed by overlanders for overlanders, iOverlander is a database of places that are essential for overlanding. This includes campsites, restaurants, places to get Wi-Fi or a shower, and more. It’s an excellent resource if you plan on doing a lot of off-grid camping, and can make roughing it a surprisingly comfortable experience.


Last but not least, we must mention Campendium. This is another crowdsourced database that we absolutely adore. Here you will find reviews and information for campgrounds and boondocking locations across the country. Whether you want photos of the campground in question or an idea of what kind of connectivity your cell phone might get there, this website can help you out. 

By getting access to all these tools and putting them to good use, you can have budget-friendly, stress-free adventures your family is sure to love and remember for years to come. Why not start gathering RV family memberships and downloading apps now? The sooner you do, the sooner you can start your epic road trip fun!